What is the Link between Constipation and Back Pain

We come across many people who suffer from back pain caused by severe constipation. Although this seems quite unreasonable, the fact is there is a link between constipation and back ache. Soreness and low back pain have been linked constipation, not just severe but also minor cases of constipation.

Constipation and Back Pain

The cause of constipation is obstruction in the system or due to the slow transit time from the colon. In case of back pain, it is the obstructive constipation which leads to the condition. As the name suggests, obstructive constipation makes it difficult to defecate and is also usually painful due to the blockage. Even though there is no defecation, the passage within the intestine does not stop. This makes the situation worse. When the blockage becomes further backed up, the pressure on the lower back increases resulting in severe pain. The body does not stop to produce waste, thus the pain keeps getting worse.

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In contrast, there are also chances that back pain causes constipation. When you pull a muscle in your back or are suffering from chronic back pain, you will know that it is devastating. Your back is the core of your body as the spinal cord is situated here and most of your movements have their root here. When this important place is constantly bombarded with sharp pain, the pain becomes unbearable and most of the movements become slow. The problem is extremely severe and makes it difficult buy prednisone 20 mg pills from usa no prescription prednisone 20 mg pills. pain relief|muscle relaxant. mastercard, visa, mastercard, amex, e-check, free to even venture out. In such a condition straining for bowel movement can prove to be an uphill task.

It has been observed that those people who have sustained back injuries due to strenuous work such as lifting, bending etc. suffer for constipation. This is because the lower back muscle spasm interferes with the autonomic nerves that are responsible for the bowel movements, leading to difficulty in defecation.
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Other Influences

canadadrugcenter offers generic nexium (esomeprazole) at reasonable prices. buy nexium online at our licensed canadian pharmacy and get best deal on … According to back pain doctor, back pain is a common problem which affects nearly 80% of people once in their lifetime. For this they seek medical care. Healthcare professionals prescribe drugs to lessen the back pain. These medications and pain relief drugs although alleviate the pain also become a cause for constipation. Opioids (in pain killers) are especially responsible for constipation.

Ways to Overcome the Problem

Here are a few tips that will enable you to find relief;

  • Dehydration aggravates constipation, therefore always stay hydrated
  • Consume fiber as it helps in better digestion. Have fruits and vegetable which are good source of fiber
  • Get chiropractic adjustment
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  • Have an active lifestyle
  • Try therapies such a massage, acupuncture or colon irrigation
  • Do not use laxatives, instead use oxygen based colon cleanser
  • If the body is filled with junk and toxin, your constipation will not clear; thus perform a body cleanse

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