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Now that you know common causes of back pain you may have a better understanding of how to prevent and treat it in the first place. Losing a few pounds may appear to be a difficult option but of it can be well worth the effort when you get some relief for that pain. A big part of relief for your back is using correct posture and lifting with your legs.

But you may need to do more than all of this. Even if you are extremely careful you still have back buy Hairball Relief Plus Cats online pain – after all, you can’t very well live your life in cotton wool or refuse to pick up your children just to keep yourself safe from potential injury! What can you do when you have soreness and pain?


The muscles of the back are usually able to heal and repair themselves from minor injury, and sometimes the pain you feel is simply those muscles cramping up to protect themselves so that they can heal.  If you relieve the pressure on your back this can go a long way toward helping it heal on its own.

Obviously it’s virtually impossible to make a movement that doesn’t affect the back.  Even when sitting, the back muscles are tensing up to keep your upper body straight and supported.

Keeping this in mind, you realize how important it is to be in a reclined position that tilts your body back and relieves that pressure on your midsection.  When your feet are higher than your pelvic area then you have less pressure on your back and it can heal. Never put pillows under your feet, but placing pillows under your knees can be a big help when stretching out on the floor.  This puts added pressure on the area of the hips and this causes the back muscles to tense up even more.

If you’re laying flat on your stomach your back is still working as the front of your body collapses and your back keeps you straight. Cushions or pillows under your stomach and upper body area will provide support so that the back is not working as hard.


Why is it that heat can help to relieve body pain?  Simply put, heat draws blood to that area of the body where heat is applied and blood delivers important nutrients and healing elements.  When you apply heat to your muscles they relax because the increased blood flow forces them to “unclench” themselves, and especially in areas of the back can this be important.
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When your back is in pain you don’t want to go overboard with the heat and of course there are injuries and other ailments that won’t be responsive to heat – for example if you have a herniated disk that’s not going to be healed with a heating pad! – but often muscles that have been overworked and strained can relax with a simple application cialis online of heat.  If you’re at work all day see if you can somehow arrange a heating pad behind you for the duration of the day.  When you notice your back getting tense, lean back and stay that way for a few minutes so that the heat has a chance to work.

While they’re not scorching hot, heating pads can still be dangerous to the bare skin.  Never sleep on top of one or turn it up too high. It pays to keep some protective material between the heating pad and your skin so if the pad is not covered be sure to wrap it in cloth or similar.

Moist heat can also help the body to relax as the moisture loosens the muscles and skin as well.  You can get a thin towel or washcloth wet and put it between the heating pad and your back.

The heat of a hot shower or bath can also go a long way toward relieving that pressure.  A shower massage especially can work those muscles like a massage and force them to loosen up and soothe back pain.


By making those back muscles relax when they want to clamp up you can reduce the pain.  Stretching your back and your sides is a great way to reduce your pain.

However this calls for extreme caution.  If you overextend yourself then you’re going to do more damage.  It’s also important to make sure that you’re stretching properly so that you don’t put added stress on your back. Without the proper support many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts actually do a lot of damage to their back when stretching and working out.

Usually it’s best to sit on the floor and put your hands behind you and just stretch your back slightly.  This will give it support as you pull those muscles loose.  Moving forward carefully and slowly until your body is extended out in front of you can also loosen those muscles.

Flexion and extension

In terms of stretching, flexion means bending forward and extension means moving backwards.The release of pressure on the vertebrae when you stretch forward helps to alleviate pain caused by grinding between them. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and then bending straight forward to touch your toes is often enough to relieve pressure and pain in the back.  You need to watch your posture even as you do this so that you’re not curling yourself up and putting more pressure on your spine, but a simple stretch like this can help to loosen those tight and sore muscles.

When bending backwards you also need to watch your posture and make sure you don’t overextend.  Some have a tendency to think of a particular area they want to touch or span they want to reach, but you need to be mindful of your body’s own flexibility.


Does anyone really like to exercise?  Sure, there are some who do but not everyone is like this.  Most cialis for a pharmaceutical drug is a drug used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease. drug therapy ….. doctors may also prescribe prescription drugs for off-label use – purposes which the drugs were not originally approved for … a second generation of antibiotics was introduced in the 1940s: aureomycin and chloramphenicol. people see exercise as a chore to be dreaded and would rather spend their free time stretched out in a favorite chair in front of the television or movie screen.

There are innumerable benefits to regular physical activity for humans, no matter what your physical situation.  Exercise increases blood circulation and the blood is what brings nutrition and oxygen to every cell in the body.  The digestive system, skin, bones, and major organs all benefit in this way from increased blood circulation.  Because the heart and lungs work harder when exercised they become stronger and a person is less likely to suffer from asthma, shortness of breath, heart disease, and conditions such as this.  Regular exercise also helps to keep one’s weight under control and there are many benefits to being at a healthy weight.

But exercise also helps with back problems and can keep a person from having painful back problems. How is this possible?

The first connection has to do with one’s weight; as we’ve mentioned excess body weight means more stress and strain on the back as it needs to work harder to move that weight around and to keep the body steady and upright.  Many who are overweight also find that their posture suffers quite a bit as this excessive weight pulls them forward, and this too keeps the back muscles tense and painful.

There is more to the connection between exercise and back problems than just weight.  That increased blood circulation means that your back muscles are also getting those important nutrients and healing agents that are delivered by the blood. Oxygen is one of the most important ingredients the body needs and uses when healing a wound or injury, and oxygen is delivered by the blood.  When your back muscles are overused, injured or tense, that oxygen is desperately important for it to heal itself.

Exercise helps those back muscles stay loose and relaxed.  When you walk or cycle or do anything else along those lines, the back muscles are worked and forced to loosen up.  This means that they’re relaxed and less likely to be pulled or cramped when in use.

They also become that much stronger when exercised, just as other muscles in the body do as well.  When the back muscles are stronger they’re more resistant to pulls, tears, and overuse.  Regular exercise is good for the back muscles in this way and can help to alleviate pain from these types of injuries.

The bones are strengthened by regular exercise. This may be because the increased blood circulation also helps the bones to strengthen themselves, and so when the bones in the back are stronger then the back is more supported.

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