Pulsed Signal Therapy

Pulsed Signal Therapy, arthitis or PST as it is know, is an innovative technological advance that uses a high-tech, non-invasive medical device to treat arthritis, accident, work, sports and repetitive stress injuries. The PST device creates a low-power electromagnetic field through which a pulsed signal is directed to the affected area, stimulating the healing process.

Cartilage and connective tissues help support and protect joints in the body. Throughout life, as we perform routine or strenuous physical activities, we place enormous stress on these structures.
Researchers have discovered that when these tissues are stressed a low power electrical signal is created. They believe this natural signal tells the body to repair, nourish and replace damaged tissue. top quality medications. zyban price in india order prednisone no prescription overnight fedex. approved pharmacy , prednisone trade and generic name.
Disease, aging or an injury can disrupt these signals. When this happens, the body is unable to repair the affected tissue, resulting in pain, inflammation and loss of function. top quality medications. buy dapoxetine online. top offering, generic dapoxetine .
Pulsed Signal Therapy, or PST, mimics these natural signals, activating the normal healing process and stimulating the growth and repair of tissue. What makes this therapy unique is that it merges traditional and non-traditional medical care. While the therapy harnesses the body’s own ability to heal itself (a non-traditional approach), the technology has gone through scientifically rigorous clinical trials with successes and patient benefits reported in numerous prestigious medical journals.
The procedure, which involves nine one-hour treatments, eliminates the risks of surgery as well as the extensive post surgical rehabilitation. Eighty percent of patients receiving PST therapy experience benefits that can delay or eliminate the need for surgery.

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Treatment can be given in special PST centres that are designed to provide a comfortable, private, resort-type atmosphere. Patients living near a PST facility are treated one hour per day buy Vitamin C online for a total of nine hours, with no more than two days between treatments. An expedited program of nine hours of treatment over a four-to-five day period is available to patients travelling greater distances to a PST facility.

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Because the procedure is totally non-invasive, patients can wear any style of clothing. During treatment, the patient sits or lies in a specially developed chair or bed. The relevant joint is positioned in the PST device so pulsed signals can be sent to the cartilage and connective tissue. Most patients feel no pain during the treatment. Some patients may feel a slight tingling or sensation of warmth in the area being treated, while others may temporarily experience a slight increase in the normal pain they feel in the affected area. This is considered a positive reaction brought about by the reconstruction and healing occurring in the injured area, and any discomfort usually disappears quickly.
About 80% of the patients receiving the treatment experience significant improvement, with reduced pain and improved joint function.

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