New Arnica Oil Blend Offers Quick Relief from Muscle Soreness, Bruising, and Emotional Distress.

While many people are now aware of the powerful healing properties of Arnica, what they may not know is that there is a wild sub-species of the Arnica flower which is considered far superior to the commonly found Arnica Montana. The sub-species, Arnica Cordifolia, is now being harvested in the wild at high elevation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains to produce an incredible healing oil that supports fast healing of wounds, sprains, strains, breaks, body traumas, reduces bruising and inflammation, and even eases stress and anxiety.

This new Rapid Healing Formula created by Imperial Being combines this extremely high quality Arnica with a synergistic combination of organic essential oils and minerals known in traditional medicine to reduce stress and nervousness, and to heal all types of trauma, both physical and emotional. Essential oils like Frankincense, Myrrh, Helichrysum, Lavender, and more make this the highest quality healing oil formula ever offered.

If you are having pain from arthritis, muscle soreness or injuries, bruising, breaks or strains, joint pain, or any type of physical or emotional stress, then buy a bottle of Imperial Being Royal Arnica Oil soon and rub it thoroughly into the affected areas, inhale deeply, or use as a soothing massage oil and body oil.

This Royal Arnica Oil is great to have around when stress arises, and wonderful as a gift for helping loved ones calm stress and nerves. Order yours today while seasonal supplies remain. android keylogger ?invisible keylogger for android

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