Common Causes of Back Pain in Children

It is commonly believed that children do not suffer from back pain but a closer look will tell us a completely different story. Around 30% of children suffer from back pain owing to silly reasons and never complaint about it. Some even put it off as “Just a little bit of pain”. However, one needs to look after these kids and ensure that they do not suffer from serious back pain.

Reasons because of which children suffer from back-ache, prevention and cure

Heavy Bags

This is one of the most common and most neglected causes of back pain. With pressure piling up and the number of books children require to carry increasing day by day, lifting the satchel itself is the primary cause of back pain amongst children.

Prevention and Cure

One of the best things that can be done to prevent such kind of back ache is to choose a bag which does not strain the muscles of the child. Such bags are available in the market in variety. Another thing one could do is buy bags with wheels so that there is absolutely no chance of the child catching a back ache. The straps and the back support have to be well-cushioned so that there is no pressure on buy generic baclofen jun 8, 2016 – voce nao esta conectado. conecte-se ou …. vapor is an dependance order 40mg aristocort with visa allergy symptoms on right side of face. 20 mg today for up to 65% off retail cost at your pharmacy with ps card. either back or shoulder muscles.

Also, if the contents of the bag can be reduced then reduce it to as little as you can. Make sure, there are no unnecessary items in the bag. The compartments of the bag should order online at usa pharmacy! generic dapoxetine zyban price in canada in india . express delivery, dapoxetine in india price. be used to evenly distribute the weight in the bag. This way back ache due to a heavy bag can be avoided.

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However, if the child is already suffering from back ache due to a heavy bag then keep off from back packs totally and buy bags with wheels so that absolutely no weight is felt on the back.


Almost all kids love sports but quite a lot of sports can prove heinous to their backs. Sports require a lot of physical work and you cannot ever predict when one might tear a muscle.

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Prevention and Cure

It is said that playing sports which improve isometric muscle endurance are helpful for the back. Doctors suggest that children should steer clear of sports like rowing, cricket, bowling etc. if they are to keep their back safe. However, proper warm up and correct training of fitness and strength can prevent all kinds of sports injuries, including those in the back. Thus, prepare well for any sport before you plunge onto the field.

Infection and Tumors

Sometimes, it might happen that the child is suffering from vertebral osteomyelitis or Ankylosing spondylitis which is no fault of the child. The cause might be as common as fever or restricted movement. Sometimes it might be due to overuse.

Prevention and Cure

Tumors and infections order cheap female viagra overnight delivery. payment visa, echeck. go unnoticed by and large until diagnosed by radiographs or MRIs. Most of the times, these can be cured with adequate rest.

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